Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Money, by P.G. Wodehouse

I was pleasantly surprised to find the closest branch library of the county next to us (which could end up being our county, if things go the way I'd like) has a huge selection of books from the Collector's Wodehouse edition. The first of the group I selected was Big Money.

The cash-strapped Lord Biskerton (known to friends as The Biscuit) and an equally-poor friend of his from school are trying to figure out how to get some money. The friend, Berry Conway, works for an American financier whose niece, Ann Moon, is coming to visit. Berry recommends The Biscuit's aunt to be the girl's chaperone, an arrangement which leads to Ann's engagement to The Biscuit. However, Ann soon meets Berry, who wows her with the tale of being a secret service agent, and The Biscuit flees London to avoid his creditors, meeting an American girl who came over on the boat with Ann. While both The Biscuit and Ann want out of their engagement, Berry is trying to sell a copper mine in Arizona he inherited, believing it worthless. His boss owns the mine next door and knows Berry's mine is extremely valuable, so he tries to buy the mine cheap through a proxy.

Of course everything turns up all right in the end. There are some hilarious scenes in this book, like when The Biscuit decides to avoid his creditors by wearing a false beard, or when his father visits the suburbs, or when Berry crashes a dance to see Ann again. All in all, the book accomplished what I wanted: it made me laugh.

Rating: 5.5 out of 7 giant inflatable monkeys.

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  1. I'd read this book when I was in school, and had found it absolutely hilarious. One of the highlights of the book, for me, was the scene when Biscuit goes to the pub in disguise (read: wearing an ugly beard - was it pink? My memory fails me) and tells the unsuspecting barmaid how he ended up like that. I laughed so hard my sides ached. :D I just wanted to relive that, so was going through some reviews of the book, but nobody really mentioned that. But your review is really nice! :) Have you read any other Wodehouses?