Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stone Fox, by John Reynolds Gardiner

When my daughter is bored I recommend she read some books we own that she never looks through. About once a month I say, "Why don't you read Stone Fox?" She always ignores the suggestion, so I finally decided to read it aloud. My daughter doesn't do well with dramatic conflict, so the fact that Grandfather was near death for the entire book wasn't helpful. My son likes books about animals, but (spoiler alert) the dog dying at the end didn't go over too well with either of them. The story ended sort of abruptly; it's never a good sign when I have to announce that the book has just ended. I DID appreciate the anti-tax elements of the storyline. The only true villain of the book is the tax man, who is represented as a parasite. The simple story made it feel like it was for younger kids, but the weightier subject matter made it feel more appropriate for older kids. I still don't know which age group is ideal.

Rating: four out of seven giant inflatable monkeys.

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