Monday, May 17, 2010

I, Jack, by Patricia Finney

I was at the library with my daughter, picking out books for her. While she gets books she knows she'd like (because they are from a tried-and-true series or because they have 18 fairies mentioned in the title), I like to get books that she might never otherwise consider. I was thinking about getting I, Freddy for her, when I noticed just a few books away I, Houdini. Both are about hamsters, my daughters favorite animal EVER (for the past several weeks). I wondered how similar the books were, and since we homeschool, I decided to give my daughter the school assignment of reading both and creating a report comparing and contrasting them.

This got our family on an I, Animal Name book kick, so when I next went to the library and saw I, Jack, I had to get it.

My children thought this was the most hilarious book EVER. Not just of all the books they've ever read, but of all possible books, all potential combinations of letters in the English language. Every page involved extensive breaks for uncontrollable laughter to abate. The book had to get moved to after-dinner instead of before-bed so that it didn't get the kids too worked up. They loved it with a love that was more than love. Upon finishing it, we immediately had to check the library website to see if there were any more books about Jack (there was--see below), and request it, even though it was available on the shelf. The risk of someone else checking it out before we could get to the library was just too great for my children to bear.

Rating.: seven out of seven giant inflatable monkeys.

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