Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Dog Called Grk, by Joshua Doder

Again, my family are suckers for books about dogs. Sometimes that is handsomely rewarded, as with the Jack Russell series by Darrel and Sally Odgers, and sometimes we are completely screwed, as with the horrendous Space Dogs book (also by Australians, actually). This book was also written by another of the Queen's subjects, the Englishman Joshua Doder.

My kids liked this book, and it was enjoyable to read to them. The only problem is that it was probably aiming for kids slightly older than mine (eight and six right now). The parents of some of the characters are disappeared by an authoritative regime, and sometimes the regime wants to kill the kids, not just tie them up or something. It would probably be just fine for someone 10 or older.

The book isn't as much about the dog as you might be lead to believe. The dog is more the common element that ties the human characters together, and the action is mostly organized around the people. The dog, though, manages to be helpful in critical situations, so to some degree success depends on him.

Rating: five and a half out of seven giant inflatable monkeys.

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