Monday, January 16, 2012

Finn Family Moomintroll, by Tove Jansson

Browsing the juvenile fiction section of the local library, I came across this book. I brought it home for my daughter to read, and in researching what exactly it was, I found out it wasn't the first book of the series. We returned it and checked out Comet in Moominland, which my daughter avoided because she didn't know what it was. I showed her some of the things I found online about Moominland and Tove Jansson, and she became very excited about the idea of visiting the Moominland amusement park in Finland (which will probably never happen). Once she was on board, I read Comet in Moominland aloud to our kids and they really enjoyed it. We then re-checked out this book to read together.

I think I liked this book better. It was a series of summer adventures with a common element of a found hat with magical properties. My kids enjoyed the stories, and the book's "villain" turned out to not be mean at all, which my kids greatly appreciated.

Rating: five and a half out of seven giant inflatable monkeys.

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